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The game of Keno is a very relaxing game to play and one of my personal favorites. Even though the odds might be the worst of any of the casino games, it is still fun to play and relax to. I really enjoy heading into a casino, getting to the keno lounge, sitting back and enjoying my experience.

Even though keno history is not important to learn it is always great to grasp where a game actually came from. Keno first originated in China more than 2000 years ago. Chinese workers who build the railway in the American mid-west brought the game of keno to the US in the 1800's and was then called "Chinese Lottery". The game originally started with about 120 numbers and was then dropped to the familiar 80 numbers in the 1900's. To make the game legal in Nevada, the term "lottery" had to be changed. So, the numbers were changed to racehorse names and the name of the game was changed to "racehorse keno". Players would choose their horses and hope they come in.