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• Most bets can be removed, added to, or subtracted from at any time. Exceptions would be the pass and come bets, and you can not exceed the maximum bet on the odds. With the place number and proposition bets the dealers will often pay winnings only and let the original bet ride, except otherwise requested.

• The players take turns throwing the dice. In general the same person will throw until they seven out. The player may pass the dice if they want to.

• Understand the rules and what to do before you arrive at the table, particularly a busy one. Try not to rely on the dealers for answering questions.


• Craps has a language all its own. It is beyond the scope of this page to define all the terminology but you can pick it up as you go. For example "Two way yo" is craps slang for a bet on 11 in which half is for the player and half is a bet for the dealers.

• When you throw the dice they are supposed to rebound off the other side of the table. A throw that doesn't make it that far looks wimpy and the dealer may make you roll over. However overthrowing the dice off the table will make you look klutzy and slow down the game while there is a search for the missing dice and the dealer examines them to make sure nobody switched them with loaded dice. Dealers prefer a high lob as opposed to a low roll down the table. They don't like it when the dice knock down stacks of chips.

• Don't put drinks on the table. There is a little shelf under the chips for glasses and bottles.

• Don't sit or lean on anything. Except for some sit down tables I have seen in Laughlin players must stand.

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