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Baccarat is a card game dealt from a shoe with a set number of decks. Because of this, a lot of people have tried to apply the system of card counting in a way alike to blackjack experts. Certainly there is some value to this, as you may keep in mind from a finite math course of your youth, the odds do change if a card is detached from a deck and not replaced. The problem with baccarat is that the odds revolutionize very, very little even if you keep perfect track. Since the changes to odds are so negligible, it's very rare for an example in your count to come up where you have an advantage.

The chief problem is of course that when those examples do come up, baccarat may not let you do anything to capitalize on it. If you want to work a little card counting wisdom into your strategy or hacked together baccarat system, then just pay some attention to the 4's and the 6's as they leave the deck. As four's leave the deck the banker bet becomes slightly more attractive, as sixes leave the deck the player bet becomes a little more attractive. There are never any significant swings though, and certainly never any sure things.

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